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Amparo Del Rio is Certified Interior Designer, trained to do RESIDENTIAL REMODELING of any kind. "I produce scale drawings of the proposed floor plan(s), elevations, details, lighting plan, building section, site plans, demolition plan complete with a visual representation of the final design. I will also draw up documents that you can use to obtain construction bids and permits. My work is guarantee".

                                    whole house remodel, Redwood City
                                                            500 sq. ft. master suite addition

                  mother-in-law addition, San Mateo
                                                    472 sq. ft. (under construction)

                                master bath remodel, San Mateo
Thanks so much for sticking with it through all the changes. We appreciate all your expertise. Everyone who sees it is amazed at the transformation. One friend said, "Serious Bathroom Envy"...
Angela & Franco

                  whole house remodel, Burlingame
                                                   new kitchen, new master bath
                                                                              new kids bathroom

"We had a wonderful experience working with Amparo as she helped us redesign two bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, and along with other misc house modifications. In addition to the designs, we also hired her to create plans for obtaining construction permits in the city of Burlingame.
Here is our feedback:
• Great eye for picking out product that fit our overall remodel vision.
• Produced accurate plans of our house.
• Responsive to our feedback
• Patient with our deadlines
• Fun personality and easy to get along with
• Provided quick turnaround of revised plans to clear Burlingame comments (kudos to Amparo for a job well done!)
• Easy to get a hold of and quick to respond to our questi ons. Our overall feedback for Amparo was very positive and highly recommend her for any type of remodel job you might have!"
—Leila and Brandon.

                  whole house remodel, San Mateo (under construction)
                                                   150 sq. ft. addition + converting existing 2-bed/1-bath
                                                                              house to 3-bed 2-bath floor plan

                                                           master bath remodel, Danville
"We've just finished the planning process with the direction & assistance of Amparo. We found her to be very knowledgeable, informative & extremely considerate of our needs and wants. Amparo was very willing to adapt & adjust as we asked and many times we actually realized why we hired here in the first place - to help, assist & direct in areas of design & materials that we were unfamiliar with. Overall, we are very happy with our experience and feel like we have definitely been in good hands with Amparo". —

                                                       kitchen and bath remodel, Palo Alto

“Amparo designed my kitchen and my bathroom. I love both rooms. I tell everyone that I could not have done it without her and it is true! Both rooms are small and so it was a challenge to find materials that fit and did not create cramped spaces. There was no room for mistakes and Amparo did not make any mistakes. She sees the best solution to any design problem immediately; it is not a process of trial and error with her. She also knows all about the best materials at the best prices, and where to acquire them. She is very easy to work with, listens intently to my preferences and honors them. She helped me communicate with the contractor in order to reach a higher level of quality in the workmanship. I highly recommend her services.” — Elaine, Palo Alto

                                    1200 sq. ft. basement remodel, Burlingame
                                                                                    (under construction)
Amparo Del Rio Design provided us excellent service, proposed fabulous design upgrade suggestions on how to improve our layout. She worked tirelessly to get the drawings to us on time and made herself readily available for any followup change orders. We will continue to use Amparo for our design needs and would readily recommend her to our clients for their home improvement projects. —

                                                  Mr. Lenetti antique 10-car garage, Daly City

                                                           kitchen remodel, Lafayette

                                                           deck remodel, San Mateo

                                                  master bath remodel, Walnut Creek

                                house renovations, Belmont
                                                               convert a 2bed, 1 bath house to 2-bed 2-bath

                                                           house addition, Pleasant Hill

                           bath remodel, stanford, ca.

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